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1: In D&D the first rule is “the Dungeon Master is always right,” which is to say, the DM acts as the ultimate adjudicator of everything that happens in the game. This doesn’t mean you can’t argue your case to the DM, but the DM’s word trumps even the rules as written.

2: Nothing happens until the DM declares it. Decide what you want your character to do and tell the DM, who tells you to make a “check” and figures out your chance of success. What happens from there depends on all the variables going on in the game and your abilities.

The Core Mechanic

When making a “check”

1: Roll a d20 (you always want to roll high to succeed)
2: Add all relevant modifiers
3: Compare the total to a target number
4: If your check result is higher than or equal to the target number, you succeed; if lower, you fail.

Telling Time

There is no universal system of telling time. Rarus has a 24 hour day. Time is divided into “watches,” which follow traditional guard shifts. Watches start every six hours and reset each day. Therefore, the equivalent of 6AM would be the beginning of second watch. The first watch beginning at midnight or when the moon is highest in the sky.

Wealthy inhabitants generally tell time with water clocks, or sundials. Where the commoner listen for the bell chimes from the neighboring castles or temples.

Time in the Year

The Campaign starts on the 10th day of the year 1400. There are no months just season that mark the harvest.

Their are four seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each season is named after a Viking rune. Instead of writing the season the rune is used instead.

Summer is called Berkana

Fall is called Jera

Winter is called Isa

Spring is called Inguz

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Main Page

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